Getting Free Mold Testing In Miami

SAN ANTONIO, TX - OCTOBER 24, 2015: Evers Rd. is flooded by a raging Huebner Creek due to excess rain from Hurricane Patricia on October 24, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas.

Do it yourself shows make a lot of us feel like we can fix any problem in our home.  We just need a website and some instructions right?  Not all cases are like that.  Do it yourself fanatics and professionals alike will tell you that sometimes it’s just best to hire a contractor.  A contractor will have equipment that you don’t have and can’t afford, or they will have items you cannot have without being licensed to use them.  Not every contractor is the same.  It’s easy to find someone to help when you are building new sections onto your home or adding a shed outside.  Who do you call if half your home has been wiped out because of a storm or a flood?  Who do you call when your basement is full of water because of a burst pipe, or your yard is full of raw sewage because your septic tank had a large leak, and now your whole yard smells of feces and shame?

What you need for these problems is a restoration contractor who specializes in water damage repair and restoration.  This type of contractor knows how to pump water out of your home, rebuild your home after damage, dig up septic tanks and install something new, and how to keep the mold at bay while they are doing the work.  This last part is no small task.

Fighting mold is difficult as well as important.  Mold is toxic to your family and can cause sickness, hospital visits, or death.  It’s a well known fact that mold can make people in your home very sick.  Symptoms can include simple things like itchy eyes and allergy like problems.  More serious mold problems will leave you having trouble breathing, give you muscle aches, and end with you calling an ambulance to take you to the hospital for some uncomfortable medical treatment and a serious conversation with your doctor.


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