Future Smoke With E Cigarettes


Over the past several years smokers have become more and more dissatisfied with the experience of smoking regular cigarettes. Regular cigarettes have become a highly unsatisfying product for their users for a myriad of reasons. The simple truth is that cigarettes are outdated and frankly archaic. They are no longer an enjoyable product because they have fallen so far behind the times. In fact, when you stop and think about it, the last time cigarettes had any sort of technical innovation was over a half a century ago when the filter was first introduced. That is pathetic. Smokers want better. Smokers want the future. Smokers want e cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have been growing exponentially in popularity over the last several years. This is simply because they offer something brand new for smokers to enjoy. The simple truth is that electronic cigarettes bring smoking into the future with a level of style and grace rarely seen when a product is completely reinvented. The very concept of what a cigarette is has been rethought from the ground up. If regular cigarettes had hit the ceiling then electronic cigarettes have crashed through it completely. If you are a smoker who has been looking for a satisfying alternative to regular cigarettes then here is what electronic cigarettes have to offer you.

A Brand New Way to Smoke

Think about what you need when you go to smoke a cigarette. You have to have a lighter and you have to have an ash tray. Right out of the gate you are weighing yourself down with additional accessories that are ultimately a hassle. Now imagine you could do away with the lighter and ash tray and just get right to smoking. That is what you get with electronic cigarettes.
With electronic cigarettes you are able to throw away the ash tray and lighter because the only thing you need to enjoy your e cigarette is the battery and the flavor cartridge. You simply charge up your electronic cigarette’s battery and make sure that the flavor cartridge is filled with e liquid and you are good to go. With a fully charged battery and a full flavor cartridge you should be able to get through the entire day with no further maintenance. This makes the smoking process incredibly easy and more convenient than ever because you can simply take out your e cigarette, puff on it until you are satisfied, and then put it away. Simple and fast.

Flavors Galore

One of the most frustrating problems that regular cigarette smokers face is that of a serious lack of flavor selection. If you want to have flavors with regular cigarettes then you can either have tobacco flavor or menthol flavor. Those are basically your only options. This a pretty pathetic excuse for a selection and tobacco companies should be ashamed of themselves for thinking that their customers are so basic that only two flavors is enough for them. People want variety and if tobacco companies will not give it to their customers then electronic cigarette makers such as My 7s will.

With electronic cigarettes you can have a large variety of flavors at your disposal. You can choose just about any flavor from tobacco, menthol, chocolate, vanilla, cola, blueberry, cherry and many more. These are highly authentic flavors that are made from top of the line ingredients. As if that were not amazing enough you can, depending on the brand, mix different flavors in order to achieve wonderful flavor combinations such as cola and vanilla or chocolate and cherry. There are practically no limits to what flavors you can have with electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have cemented their place in the world of smoking. They have become a product that exceeds regular cigarettes in every conceivable fashion. They offer more freedom, better tasting flavors, and overall better experience than tobacco companies are capable of creating with regular cigarettes. They are the smoking experience absolutely perfected. If you are a smoker who has been disillusioned by the shoddy and outdated experience of smoking then you are not alone. You should try electronic cigarettes for yourself and see just what you have been missing this whole time. You will not regret it.