Desktop or Portable

In the vaporizer world it is pretty common knowledge that you are going to get better performance and value out of using a desktop vaporizer. However, in recent years, portable vaporizers have started to grow in popularity. The growth in popularity for portable vaporizers is something that people should have seen coming. With all of the convenience that they allow it’s hard not to like the idea of them. If you are looking to buy your first vaporizer then here are some pros and cons of desktops and portable vaporizers.

desktop vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are high performance monsters. Any herbs or oils that you put in a desktop vaporizer will produce good vapor (provided, of course, that you bought yours from a good brand). These plug directly into an outlet, usually have good variable heat controls so you don’t burn your oil or herbs, and can run as long as you need them too.


However, desktop vaporizers can get very expensive. On top of that they can be very heavy, which means that you’ll probably be putting it in one spot and parking it there for good. And while most desktop vaporizers have variable heat controls you’ll find the occasional vaporizer that does not, meaning that you can end up with vapor that is either too weak or too strong (or even worse, burnt!)

portable vaporizer

A portable vaporizer offers a lot in the way of convenience. Being able to vape on the go is a big boost in and of itself. Another amazing factor is that a lot of portable vaporizers look like pens or other small objects, which means you can use your vaporizer on the go with the best of discretion.

However, there are not a lot of great quality portable vaporizers on the market just yet. On top of that there are not very many portable vaporizers with heat control. It can also be a bit difficult to insert your oils or herbs into them.

All in all there are many pros and cons to each possible decision, so choose the one that you feel will best benefit you.