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Best Mini Travel Garment Steamer

When you have to travel for work you get used to having to make sure your clothes are constantly wrinkle free. The same applies for special occasions in which you need a formal outfit during a vacation. The best way to keep your clothes wrinkle free while on the go is to utilize a steamer. Steam helps to loosen up material by introducing heat and very slight amounts of moisture. It is the perfect solution, especially if you are having to wear more formal clothes.

Finding the right garment steamer is a task that may seem easy, but if you are looking for the best garment steamer then you need to look for one that is compact and portable while still being able to put out enough steam to effectively eliminate wrinkles. Whether you are getting wrinkles out of your favorite shirt or Egyptian cotton sheets you need a steamer that can do the job. Here are some of the best mini travel steamers on the market right now.

Arova Mini Travel Garment Steamer

When you are working while traveling you sometimes need the ability to get your clothes wrinkle free in a hurry. For this reason the Arova mini travel garment steamer is an amazing option. It features a fast=heat feature thanks to its well made components, including aluminum heating plate. This steamer will heat up to its optimal temperature in less than two minutes. This is a fantastic option when you don’t have the time to wait for your steamer to heat up.

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Aicok Clothes Steamer

This offering from Aicok may not heat up as quickly as the Arova, but it is still impressive in its own right. With an 8 hole design it allows numerous points for steam distribution and it also features a non-brush design meaning that all you need to use it is the steamer itself. There is even an automatic shut off feature for safety purposes as well as a handy travel bag.

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Housmile Garment Steamer

While a mini travel steamer normally features a battery port to keep it extra portable it goes without saying that a corded option can provide extra power. While you do have to make extra room for the power cable it is still highly portable with a design that allows for numerous accessories and even multifunctional use to allow it to remove odors. You trade extreme portability for extreme usefulness and function.

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Bizond Mini Clothing Steamer

If you want a steamer that is super compact without spitting out any water then this option from Bizond fits the bill. This steamer features a super portable design while also utilizing a nano polymer filter which will help to purify the tap water that you run through it. This protects the heating element which means it will have a long life getting your wrinkles out of your clothes. It also features an automatic shutoff after five minutes.

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CBDs, Protein, and Pain

When you’re in chronic pain, often you’ll try anything. You want the all around great benefits that can come with putting good things into your body, but sometimes we ask more from our diet. Sometimes we hope that there is a dietary change we can make to assist in a chronic condition, and little will wear on you like chronic pain.

Some people look for ways that their healthy diet can also impact their medical ailments. Certain branches of holistic medicine have told us that this is possible, but what do you look for in juicing recipes for pain? That’s a lot to ask from a glass of juice, isn’t it?

Not when you add organic hemp protein into the mix.  Organic protein from hemp contains properties that work with these other ingredients to help you get out of chronic pain.

The idea is to put together a recipe that contains all the soldiers you need to fight your symptoms. If you are looking for juicing recipes for cough, you’d concentrate on recipes that have throat soothing ingredients. You might even look for something that reduced mucus buildup. For pain, you want things that ease pain as well as helping with inflammation, a common contributor to pain symptoms.

Some examples might help you. Pineapple is a great common juicing ingredient. Pineapple has bromelain in it. Bromelain reduces BOTH pain and inflammation. How’s that for soldier number one?

Celery and cucumber are almost always in the fridge. What could they be good for? Celery can relieve joint pain and lower blood pressure, and cucumbers cooling nature can help your inflammation. Carrots are great for inflammation as well.

The awesome thing there is that reducing inflammation in your body can help relieve pain on it’s own. Sometimes swelling in our bodies presses on nerve endings, causing extra pain.

Juicing is not just for fruits and veggies too. Never forget about herbs and roots. Ginger can add anti-inflammatory properties to any juicing recipe, and turmeric (whole root, NOT powder) is both a pain killer and anti inflammatory. Both will also add some spice to your juice, so pair them with extra sweet things.

The point here is that putting healthy things into your body is always a good thing to do, but when you need some specific symptom relief, take a minute and do your research. Make sure the recipe employs the right arsenal to fight the way you would want it to. While a new juicing recipe might not cure every symptom, it can be used in combination with other things that help you fight chronic pain.

Juice For Pain

  • 1 big dash Cayenne Pepper
  • a stalk or two of celery
  • one big scoop organic hemp protein
  • a few shavings fresh ginger
  • 1 clove garlic
  • a quarter of a big onion
  • 1 med green pepper
  • 1 whole heirloom tomato

Run all the raw ingredients through a juicer, then pour into your blender with some ice and organic hemp protein powder.