The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets – Beyond Picking

If you’re looking to pick out a new set of sheets, you’ve thought about all the right things. You’ve probably settled on some nice Egyptian cotton sheets, because you want the best. It’s no wonder, after all, you spend a quarter of your life in bed.

It makes sense to pick out great sheets that will last you for years. After you pick out the sheets, are you going to put a regular blanket and shams on your bed? You probably haven’t thought about that yet. Your old blanket might look a little shabby and low quality next to your luxury sheet set.

You have a few options in what to do next, and it depends on what kind of bedroom you want to have. A good European style option is to go with a duvet cover. A duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase for your bedspread. You wrap it around the blanket and button it up.

Duvet covers are often soft, and made of higher quality materials that it would be hard to find in a warm blanket. When it’s time to wash your blanket, you won’t have to lug a bulky blanket to the laundry-mat or try stuffing it into your washer.

This is great, because washing a heavy blanket that way can wear out cheaper quality materials and bulky blankets tend have filling that shifts in the laundry. This means you end up with a lumpy, ineffective blanket.

Who wants that?

With a duvet cover, you just pull it off your blanket and wash it in the same load in your sheets. When it’s dry, you pop it back on. Easy, right?

For seasonal use, you could get a set that includes the duvet cover to go over your heavy winter blanket and a filled comforter that’s a little lighter, but still warm. These comforters are often filled with a down or down alternative, which means that you can still wash them, but the filling is loose and will smooth right back out without clumping.

This gives you all the fluffiness without the ugly lumps you might otherwise get. The outer shell of the comforter will be made fo the same Egyptian cotton you find in your sheets, but usually with a nicer pattern.

When you go shopping for these, be careful. For a comforter, you want a quality filling that matches up to the rich fabric. Make sure they are 100% Egyptian cotton, and do some research on your manufacturer. There are plenty of sites likeĀ that keep people informed about the industry, the best deals on Egyptian cotton and the quality of certain brands.

Companies that supply hotel bedding often have a higher quality because of the demands of the hotel, so that’s a good place to start. Some companies are elevating thread counts and using cheaper, shorter threads, twisted together and multiplied so that you have a rougher, lower quality sheet with a falsely elevated thread count.

These pieces are often priced in a way that seems too good to be true. If you see $50 sheets that claim to be 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton, you’re getting scammed.