Best Mini Travel Garment Steamer

When you have to travel for work you get used to having to make sure your clothes are constantly wrinkle free. The same applies for special occasions in which you need a formal outfit during a vacation. The best way to keep your clothes wrinkle free while on the go is to utilize a steamer. Steam helps to loosen up material by introducing heat and very slight amounts of moisture. It is the perfect solution, especially if you are having to wear more formal clothes.

Finding the right garment steamer is a task that may seem easy, but if you are looking for the best garment steamer then you need to look for one that is compact and portable while still being able to put out enough steam to effectively eliminate wrinkles. Whether you are getting wrinkles out of your favorite shirt or Egyptian cotton sheets you need a steamer that can do the job. Here are some of the best mini travel steamers on the market right now.

Arova Mini Travel Garment Steamer

When you are working while traveling you sometimes need the ability to get your clothes wrinkle free in a hurry. For this reason the Arova mini travel garment steamer is an amazing option. It features a fast=heat feature thanks to its well made components, including aluminum heating plate. This steamer will heat up to its optimal temperature in less than two minutes. This is a fantastic option when you don’t have the time to wait for your steamer to heat up.

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Aicok Clothes Steamer

This offering from Aicok may not heat up as quickly as the Arova, but it is still impressive in its own right. With an 8 hole design it allows numerous points for steam distribution and it also features a non-brush design meaning that all you need to use it is the steamer itself. There is even an automatic shut off feature for safety purposes as well as a handy travel bag.

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Housmile Garment Steamer

While a mini travel steamer normally features a battery port to keep it extra portable it goes without saying that a corded option can provide extra power. While you do have to make extra room for the power cable it is still highly portable with a design that allows for numerous accessories and even multifunctional use to allow it to remove odors. You trade extreme portability for extreme usefulness and function.

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Bizond Mini Clothing Steamer

If you want a steamer that is super compact without spitting out any water then this option from Bizond fits the bill. This steamer features a super portable design while also utilizing a nano polymer filter which will help to purify the tap water that you run through it. This protects the heating element which means it will have a long life getting your wrinkles out of your clothes. It also features an automatic shutoff after five minutes.

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CBDs, Protein, and Pain

When you’re in chronic pain, often you’ll try anything. You want the all around great benefits that can come with putting good things into your body, but sometimes we ask more from our diet. Sometimes we hope that there is a dietary change we can make to assist in a chronic condition, and little will wear on you like chronic pain.

Some people look for ways that their healthy diet can also impact their medical ailments. Certain branches of holistic medicine have told us that this is possible, but what do you look for in juicing recipes for pain? That’s a lot to ask from a glass of juice, isn’t it?

Not when you add organic hemp protein into the mix.  Organic protein from hemp contains properties that work with these other ingredients to help you get out of chronic pain.

The idea is to put together a recipe that contains all the soldiers you need to fight your symptoms. If you are looking for juicing recipes for cough, you’d concentrate on recipes that have throat soothing ingredients. You might even look for something that reduced mucus buildup. For pain, you want things that ease pain as well as helping with inflammation, a common contributor to pain symptoms.

Some examples might help you. Pineapple is a great common juicing ingredient. Pineapple has bromelain in it. Bromelain reduces BOTH pain and inflammation. How’s that for soldier number one?

Celery and cucumber are almost always in the fridge. What could they be good for? Celery can relieve joint pain and lower blood pressure, and cucumbers cooling nature can help your inflammation. Carrots are great for inflammation as well.

The awesome thing there is that reducing inflammation in your body can help relieve pain on it’s own. Sometimes swelling in our bodies presses on nerve endings, causing extra pain.

Juicing is not just for fruits and veggies too. Never forget about herbs and roots. Ginger can add anti-inflammatory properties to any juicing recipe, and turmeric (whole root, NOT powder) is both a pain killer and anti inflammatory. Both will also add some spice to your juice, so pair them with extra sweet things.

The point here is that putting healthy things into your body is always a good thing to do, but when you need some specific symptom relief, take a minute and do your research. Make sure the recipe employs the right arsenal to fight the way you would want it to. While a new juicing recipe might not cure every symptom, it can be used in combination with other things that help you fight chronic pain.

Juice For Pain

  • 1 big dash Cayenne Pepper
  • a stalk or two of celery
  • one big scoop organic hemp protein
  • a few shavings fresh ginger
  • 1 clove garlic
  • a quarter of a big onion
  • 1 med green pepper
  • 1 whole heirloom tomato

Run all the raw ingredients through a juicer, then pour into your blender with some ice and organic hemp protein powder.

Are Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets Cheap?

When you live on a set budget it is imperative that you find ways to save as much money as possible. This is especially true when you are picking out bedding. Year after year people will spend the minimum amount of money they can on sheets only to have to replace them within the span of a couple of years. However, just because you are on a budget does not meant that you do not want better quality sheets. Pima cotton sheets, for example, are highly desirable.

You can purchase bed sheets that are not exactly what you are looking for. You can even find bed sheets that are not real genuine silk to put in the place of real silk bed sheets. However, you need to understand that nothing will match up to the real thing. Eventually the sheets will get worn out, pill, and tear. In other words you will get exactly what you paid for: cheap sheets.

But if you want real mulberry silk sheets, then they are not going to be cheap. So be ready to spend a pretty penny. This is because pima cotton silk sheets are sheets of exceptional quality that are designed and conditioned to last you for years, even decades if they are properly cared for.

Why It’s So Pricey

Mulberry silk bed sheets are a little on the pricey side because of the High-quality of the product. Mulberry silk sheets are created with the idea that they will be of heirloom quality, meant to be passed down in a family. It is the difference between buying an inexpensive, quickly worn down car and buying a world class luxury vehicle. One of them will last for decades, the other will likely be in a scrap heap within ten years.

Now, if you would like to learn more, you can read here. You can also take a look at the video that is attached to learn more about mulberry silk bed sheets and the price of them.

The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets – Beyond Picking

If you’re looking to pick out a new set of sheets, you’ve thought about all the right things. You’ve probably settled on some nice Egyptian cotton sheets, because you want the best. It’s no wonder, after all, you spend a quarter of your life in bed.

It makes sense to pick out great sheets that will last you for years. After you pick out the sheets, are you going to put a regular blanket and shams on your bed? You probably haven’t thought about that yet. Your old blanket might look a little shabby and low quality next to your luxury sheet set.

You have a few options in what to do next, and it depends on what kind of bedroom you want to have. A good European style option is to go with a duvet cover. A duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase for your bedspread. You wrap it around the blanket and button it up.

Duvet covers are often soft, and made of higher quality materials that it would be hard to find in a warm blanket. When it’s time to wash your blanket, you won’t have to lug a bulky blanket to the laundry-mat or try stuffing it into your washer.

This is great, because washing a heavy blanket that way can wear out cheaper quality materials and bulky blankets tend have filling that shifts in the laundry. This means you end up with a lumpy, ineffective blanket.

Who wants that?

With a duvet cover, you just pull it off your blanket and wash it in the same load in your sheets. When it’s dry, you pop it back on. Easy, right?

For seasonal use, you could get a set that includes the duvet cover to go over your heavy winter blanket and a filled comforter that’s a little lighter, but still warm. These comforters are often filled with a down or down alternative, which means that you can still wash them, but the filling is loose and will smooth right back out without clumping.

This gives you all the fluffiness without the ugly lumps you might otherwise get. The outer shell of the comforter will be made fo the same Egyptian cotton you find in your sheets, but usually with a nicer pattern.

When you go shopping for these, be careful. For a comforter, you want a quality filling that matches up to the rich fabric. Make sure they are 100% Egyptian cotton, and do some research on your manufacturer. There are plenty of sites like that keep people informed about the industry, the best deals on Egyptian cotton and the quality of certain brands.

Companies that supply hotel bedding often have a higher quality because of the demands of the hotel, so that’s a good place to start. Some companies are elevating thread counts and using cheaper, shorter threads, twisted together and multiplied so that you have a rougher, lower quality sheet with a falsely elevated thread count.

These pieces are often priced in a way that seems too good to be true. If you see $50 sheets that claim to be 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton, you’re getting scammed.

Disaster Restoration Services You May Need If You Live In Florida

What Homeowners Should Know About Disaster Restoration Before It Happens To You

When disaster strikes, the top most priority is getting your home/building fixed. If your building or home has been damaged due to a fire, wind, water, smoke or wind, it is essential you act promptly. Acting quickly will give you the best chance, for a full and complete restoration, and could help avoid more costly repairs and replacements, later on.

One of the worst building disasters, is water damage. Water damage basically leads to higher moisture content in your home or building, which causes rapid development of mold. Mold poses an array of health problems, and can cause a lot of damage to a building’s structure. If you have suffered such a disaster, it’s crucial get Florida disaster restoration service, and immediately remove the mold so as to protect both your well being, and the well being of the building’s occupants. Taking immediate action will also prevent more substantial damage, and restore your property/home to its’ original state.

Mold usually grows unnoticed often hidden in wall cracks, behind tiles, on top of ceilings, inside the walls, inside the ducts and vents, and such other hidden places. It tends to spread easily and quickly because its’ spores are light, and are easily transported by the airflow. Mold causes bio degradation of many different types of materials, which results in property damage. Mold can contaminate a very large area, and usually affects building structures, furniture and clothes. Without the right professional help, mold is rather difficult to detect til it’s way too late. Therefore, it is rather crucial to seek professional disaster restoration services so as to prevent any further damage. Without a trained and certified disaster restoration expert performing mold remediation, the mold might not be fully removed, and it might grow back in a couple of months.

Speaking of mold remediation, this is the process of removing the mold from buildings. It is crucial to use fully certified and trained experts for mold remediation so as to avoid any further damages, and health problems. The mold remediation process involves;
-Identifying the actual source of moisture and addressing it.
-Preventing more moisture build up by increasing the surface temperature, and/or reducing the levels of moisture in the air.
-Containing all of the mold affected areas.
-Using a specialized HEPA equipment for air filtration on the affected home/property or building.
-Restoration of the home/building to its’ original state.
-Testing and confirming that even the microscopic mold has been fully removed.

Mold Remediation Facts

Mold can cause, or aggravate various health conditions; People who are suffering from asthma or allergies, are usually at a much higher risk of developing health related problems. In addition to the allergic reactions, the mold spores can also cause skin rashes, headaches, nose, throat and eye, irritation, and breathing difficulties. There are certain types of molds, such as parasiticus and aspergillus flavus, which produce potent mycotoxins which are very harmful to humans, especially to the young kids and the immune suppressed adults.
Mold removal requires professional training and equipment; Mold removal experts normally have specialized equipment which they use to locate, identify and completely eliminate mold from buildings.
Cleaning the visible mold isn’t enough; As mentioned earlier, mold can grow inside the ducts, in fiberglass insulation, behind the walls, on the ceiling tiles, and many other hidden places. Even when it is visible, it’s often difficult for the naked eye to tell the actual difference between dirt, soot and mold.
Mold grows very quickly; With moisture and the appropriate temperatures, mold can grow in about 24 to 48 hours.
Mold prefers to grow in areas without sunlight. limited airflow, and/or areas with little disruption.
Mold can dramatically lower the value of your home if not acted upon efficiently and professionally.
Bleach and detergents wont get rid of the mold; Bleach and detergents may be useful for removing the mold on the nonporous surfaces. However, some materials like wallboard,ceiling tiles, and carpeting, usually have a deeper mold penetration, and might need replacing.
Mold usually regrows if all the sources are not completely eliminated.
-Mold cleaning can be hazardous; It only takes 3 to 4 spores to cause allergic reactions, and as mentioned earlier, some molds contain harmful mycotoxins which are deadly.

If your building or home has experienced any sort of damage from mold, water, smoke or fire, it is very important to start remediation as soon as possible. This will minimize further damages, and related repair expenses.


Free Mold Testing In Daytona Beach FL

Petri dish with bacteria. Illustration contains transparency and blending effects eps 10.

For those living in Florida, you know that the storms and humidity can ruin more than just a good time.  Mold can creep up in your walls and your carpet, a hidden horror harming home and health.  Companies like Damage Control 911 can come in with remediation specialists to get rid of the mold and bacteria.

It’s easy to dismiss a problem when you can’t see it, but with mold, that would be a huge risk to your family’s health.  Mold can begin causing damage when your family shows sinus and allergy symptoms, but then it can lead to muscle problems, breathing problems, and even death.  Mold is a poison.

While you can’t get rid of mold on your own, the first things you can do is get your home tested to see how bad your mold problem is.  Check out to learn more about getting a mold inspection.  Professionals will come out to your home with specialty equipment to measure the damage.  The damage can be lurking in your carpet, your walls, or anywhere else in your home really.

When treating carpets for water damage, workers will use dehydrators and fans to dry out the carpet and padding. The first steps involve soaking up the excess water with any absorbent material that can be easily laundered, like heavy towels. Then professionals will use industrial vacuums to get a majority of the water out of the carpet. After that procedure is completed the dehydrators and fans are set up. The dehydrators and fans will be on for a duration of time depending on how extensive the amount of water saturation was in the property. Depending on the extent of the saturation, this can be days to a week.

When the carpet is completely dry, the removal process starts. This is when specialists can take in the amount of damage happening underneath your carpet and padding. With this process they check to see if the foundation of the house needs to be repaired. They will determine the action needed to repair any damage to the foundation of the property and report to you the extent of their findings. The foundation damage can be quite expensive depending on the extent of the damage. But if left untreated it can be hazardous to your health. Foundation damage can also weaken the structure of the property, which leads to accidents in the home. Once these repairs have been finished, carpet professionals will install the new carpeting in the effected rooms.



Are inversion tables dangerous?

The simple answer? Yes, they can be, but they don’t have to be if you do your homework first and then see you doctor about it. it is critical to do some homework before you go to the doctor since most doctors don’t actively use this type of therapy for any type of back pain.

How could they be dangerous? If you have high blood pressure it could cause problems because when you are inverted, blood flows to the lowest region of the body, which would be the head and chest areas. This could cause complications.

If you have not been physically active you could tear muscles and tendons.

If you have arthritis or Gout it could cause joint damage.

If you have glaucoma, it could cause blindness.

These are just a few of the ways that inversion therapy could cause additional damage to and we haven’t even touched on the back.

There are many benefits to inversion therapy, but you have to ask your doctor and there is no substitute for common sense. The Sunflower Press has loads of articles on inversion, the tables and chairs that should be used and a host of other information.